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By Himawari
Ibrahim Omar Ghonim (known as Ibrahim Ghonim here on Facebook) from Abu Sir has decided to cheat and steal from me. I took a bank loan of 150.000 US dollars + I invested my own savings (30.000 US) in The Blue Bird Hotel Cairo (بلو بيرد هرتسل كايره) and a future together. The place is in Downtown 42 Talaat Harb. The agreement was that he should pay back the bank loan. My own money was an investing in us.

brahim has now decided to marry another woman behind my back and without my knowledge.

At the same time Ibrahim has also decided that he will NOT pay me back any money and just take the hotel. His opinion is that I should "pay for him being with me for the last 3,5 years."

In our culture that makes him a THIEF and a LIAR. Pretty sure it's the same according to Islam.

So a warning to all women: Watch out! Ibrahim has done it before and will do it
again. So please help spreading the word.


(взято из иностранной группы и авторство сохранено)

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